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Project Isolation is a game that I created in my Third Year degree studying Computer Games Design.

You are a prisoner in this prison serving a life sentence. Something happens to the electricity that is unexplainable and as you exit your own cell, things start happening around the prison. Your own source of light is a flashlight. In which you have to find to progress through the game. However, trying to find the flashlight is one thing and you trying to survive is another. You have to be very careful where you are in the prison as Slenderman may come after you at any time. Be very careful what you open, what you touch. If by a miracle you end up surviving to the next scene, you and the beast is one to one with one another and you have to kill him before he kills you. Can you survive throughout Project Isolation? Time will tell. Goodluck!

Install instructions

Unzip the Project Isolation file then play the ProjectIsolation.exe file. 

Note: For level 2 - Use the double doors in level 1! 


Project Isolation.zip 256 MB


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good game

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